AIA Citation for Excellence


In May of 1987, FRS was selected by the Tarrant County Commissioners as architects for the proposed Criminal Courts Facility. At the time of our selection, Tarrant County had anticipated a 336,000 square foot building with an estimated construction cost of 33,500,000. It would house 30 finished courtrooms, with expansion space for 10 more, and other related County departments such as the District Attorney, County Clerk, Civil and Criminal District Clerks, Grand Jury, and Jury Assembly.

In June 1987, FRS and our consultants began an intensive interview, programming and design process with Tarrant County officials, departments heads and key personnel. As a result of these cooperative efforts, we were able to program and develop a facility which contained 457,000 square feet in lieu of 336,000 and which was estimated to be well below the original anticipated construction cost. As justification for our efforts, the project bid on August 4, 1988, at approximately $26,500,000 or roughly 21% below the original construction budget.

Under our contract with Tarrant County, FRS was responsible for all programming, design, construction documents, contract administration, and interior furnishings. In addition to providing a facility which far exceeded the county's expectation, this project was also included in the national publication of the "Catalog of Justice Architecture" and is one of only ten projects selected by the American Institute of Architects to receive the Citation for Excellence in Justice Design.




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