Each project in our office is assigned to one of the Principals who assumes the office responsibility for development and production. This allows the client to work directly with a principal of the firm who is responsible for the continuous decision-making processes which affect the success of all projects. Through this management practice, the principal-in-charge guides the approach and methods used to determine the client's requirements, translates them into graphic form, and establishes the production parameters for completion of the project. The ultimate goal of our involvement is to integrate our professional services with the client's requirements, thus becoming a viable and efficient extension of the client's organization throughout the project duration.

Through the continued refinement of this basic philosophy, we have developed a practical approach to all projects which is built around two operational commitments.  The first is the thorough and detailed development of pre-project activities and materials which provides a focus of pertinent information without confusion and allows us to concentrate our efforts and those of our consultants on specific problems and situations which uniquely affect each particular project.  The second commitment concerns the participation of our firm's principals and those of our consultants in the actual production of the work.  This increases the size of the working staff, significantly elevating the experience level as a project resource, and constructively keeps these individuals on the leading edge of the technical elements of project development.

In the end, it is important for you to know we understand and appreciate that your complete satisfaction with the process and product is the only true measure of the success of our efforts.